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JOHNNY SANDAIRE shoots products for major manufacturers of copper metal and glass; he resides in New Jersey with his wife, Katarzyna Haberko-Sandaire. Johnny earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hartford, Master of Science degree from Boston University, and a doctorate degree from Colorado Technical University. Johnny partners with product manufacturers and lifestyle entrepreneurs of home goods and accessories to create their marketing imagery for E-Commerce and print media.

JOHNNY has a background in Information Technology and photojournalism. He covered the Caribbean region as a Reuters photo stringer for many years. He is also a highly decorated U.S. Army veteran and the founder of Johnny Sandaire Photography Studio. His photographs have appeared in many newspapers, magazines, and on-line publications over the years, which includes The New York Times, Time Magazine, as well as Corporate entities, such as NOKIA, Old Dutch International,,, and many more individual small business Web sites.

Commercial Photography requires a high level of patience, attention to detail, and creativity to produce a great photograph. Specifically, Commercial Photography requires a higher level of editing, utilizing a combination of several high caliber software packages, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or CaptureOne, to remove unwanted manufacture defects that exist in the product's prototype or sample. The finished photographs are essential to a successful marketing campaign.

This is a time-consuming process, where one or more creative professional(s) collaborate to produce a flawless and creative photograph that is part of a marketing campaign or E-Commerce Store. E-Commerce photography might also require a pure white background to highlight the details of a product(s).

At his commercial photography studio in Cranford, Johnny enjoys the level of creativity and technical details that are part of a complete journey to a final and perfect advertising photograph. Johnny's commercial photography process is not "work," but it is a work of art!

Johnny's clientèle includes a combination of new or emerging entrepreneurs to leading brands in the product manufacturing and commercial consumer accessories arena. By staying on top of the constantly-evolving-landscape of commercial product photography, Johnny provides his clients with creative solutions that increase product functionality and usability awareness well above their competitive markets.

Johnny specializes in providing high-quality commercial photography of products and accessories for marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and social media content that highlights a product's characteristics features that draw consumers and increase brand awareness. On the basis of his client's business requirements and marketing goals, Johnny provides a tailored, commercial photography solution; his resources and creative processes are at your disposal.

When you are ready to take the leap, schedule an appointment or request a quote. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

This is what I do

Johnny Sandaire Photography Studio is a perfect partner to deliver creative Commercial Photography solutions.

Product Photography

Home Goods Products are photographed
to reflect their usability and functionality.

Cosmetics Photography

Beauty Products range from face creams
to toothpaste and perfumes.

Beverages Photography

Wine bottles and other soft drinks
are part of a range of beverages.

Accessories Photography

Shoes, belts, and other Fashion
accessories are artistically photographed.

On-White Photography

E-Commerce require products on a white
background to highlight extreme details.

MY designs

Excellent design is finding the balance
between the way something looks
and how it functions.

How We Work



  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Create content strategy
  • Analyze research


  • Build wire frame
  • Gather client feedback
  • Design strategy
  • Project development


  • Deploy solution
  • Gather client feedback
  • Update project requirements
  • Close project